This group of scientists needs help! The families it has signed up signed up seems to be getting distracted. We have been signed up for at least 15 years. They don’t require much time or work. Give them a try a let them know who referred you.

From: [] Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2014 4:09 PM
Subject: Help us recruit more research families!

Dear Patricia,

You have been extremely supportive of our research studies (thank you so much!). Unfortunately many of our participants that signed up for our research registry have never completed any of our research studies which means that we are continually in need of recruiting new families.

We hope you might consider sharing information about our research with other ASD families and encourage them to participate (invite them to sign up at Remember that families can participate in our studies from anywhere by mail/phone/email/online.

If you are a Facebook user, please consider liking our Facebook page and sharing it with others ( Perhaps even share your thoughts on why you think participating in research is important.

Your help in spreading the word would be appreciated!

Many Thanks,

Melissa Hudson, BSc
ASD-CARC Research Registry Coordinator

Phone: 1-866-ASD-CARC (1-866-273-2272)
Fax: 1-888-556-6057

This is a video about research from a video which is not by the people in the above story.

We can’t leave out Temple Grandin.
She is a PHD Autistic.