Sugar Is A Poison

As you know I have been talking on my pages here about certain items being poison that we didn’t know about or had let slip through the cracks. I often tell my helpers that I have forgotten more than most people ever knew in the first place. That is a kind of old joke for old people like me, but I’m afraid it’s true this time. Back in the day I used to get a newsletter from Dr. Whitaker in California called Health and Healing where he used to explain all sorts of different things to people like me who needed to hear about all sorts of different health items.

I was watching a cartoon video here a few minutes ago and it reminded me of one of Dr. Whitaker’s articles. It was about bedsores. Bedsores is thing that people get when their hospitalized or just in a bed for a long time even if it’s at home. I am not sure what causes it but I would guess it would be from your skin rubbing on those rough sheets for months or years at a time causing raw spots that generally get infected. I do know that if you’re not up and moving around and keeping your circulation going that all sorts of infections can start and get worse. This would include pneumonia because it is an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, not necessarily viruses. Most infections are caused by bacteria. Now try to remember here that I am not a doctor. I’m just a carpenter. I am a good carpenter though. I do have three journeyman’s cards. But that has nothing to do with this.

Dr. Whitaker at one point recommended a treatment for bedsores that did not require high tech antibiotics. And if you recall me saying that antibiotic means anti-life which to me means poison. I’m not going to change that. So what did he say to kill bedsores with? He mentioned that plain table sugar will do the trick every time. I think what you have to do is get a bandage a little moist and sprinkle about a teaspoonful of sugar on it and apply the thing directly to a bedsore and that the sugar is such a good poison it will kill the bacteria that cause infection in a bedsore in a big hurry. Ah ha you say Bob is back on the weird poison trip. Well you would be right about that. I had forgotten this because that was a long time ago and I have gone through an awful lot of stuff in my life and forgotten a lot of other good stuff.

Well here we go again with the poison thing but on the other hand this is looking better and better. Sugar is a problem and everybody knows it. I’m not going to go into all the problems with sugar and with artificial sweeteners and all that. I’m just going to talk about Sugar as a poison. Back when I was a kid sugar was not in all that much to use. My mom was into the baking a little bit but on the other hand we didn’t have that much baking going on. It was a lot of work for my mom back in the 50s to have to bake something in the oven, so we did not get it all that often. We did always get a good balanced dinner with meat and vegetables and a glass of milk. Sugar has taken off since the 50s at a huge rate and I don’t think anybody out there would argue with that. You also have to include all the forms of sugar and all the weird names that it goes under that they try to hide it as something else on the label. I’m not going to go through that as you probably already know all that stuff yourself. That would include carbohydrates as they turn into pure sugar in your blood stream faster than refined sugar can turn into blood sugar.

What if I say, sugar which is a good poison for killing bacteria was also good for causing autism? They say the placenta is a good blood barrier for a baby yet it must let sugar through because sugar is a natural food for the body. Well I don’t know for sure but I’m going to keep thinking up different poisons that have been on the increase since the 70s. And you know that alcohol turns into sugar in your blood stream, so there are lots of ways to get a good dose of sugar. One further item would be the rise in autism seems to be coinciding with the rise in diabetes. I don’t know if sugar is used as much in all the foreign countries as much as it is in United States, but that would be a possibility, since we are all the same all around the globe. Sugar is cheap and an easy way to spark up a meal for next to nothing. I think we should consider this.