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This video explains and attempts to simplify the Special Needs Trust. These types of trusts are real complicated and very few lawyers feel comfortable doing them. Like Matt has one but the most he can have in cash is $20 per month. One the other hand he can have a lot of stuff. Things that make him happy. Long as he can’t share it, what ever it is. For instance. He could have the most expensive 52 inch curved digital TV. He just can’t put it in the living room where other people could enjoy it. He has to put it in his bedroom. Since he is forbidden from watching TV in his room because of isolation, he cant have one. There. Go Figure. He always has good shoes and sweats.

The attorneys at Michigan Law Center, are dedicated to providing detailed and comprehensive plans for families with autistic and other special needs children. If you are struggling to raise an autistic child which has obviously special disabilities, they understand and can help you with the many financial, social and medical issues involved. They can help you find the assistance you need right now, and show you how to ensure your autistic child will be carried for an set up after you are no longer able to serve as guardian and caregiver.

They can help with your concerns about protecting your child’s SSI or Social Security or other benefits. They can help find residential options and help meet the financial obligations associated with that item. They can maximize the amount of all the public and private financial resources out there. They can also help you in planning the needs of all your whole entire family, including the elderly.

They begin by working with you closely to uncover your top priorities and overall objectives, as well as figuring in your current financial outlook. This allows them to exactly figure what benefits are available to you at your current situation, and which strategies they can use to maximize your benefits today and prepare for your autistic persons future tomorrow. They can begin to use their experience and legal knowledge to begin relationships with the numerous private and public agencies and professionals and other service people to secure your financial assistance and implement a plan. They can also review your plan occasionally make any necessary changes if your family situation changes.

The benefit for you and your family members and your autistic person of having this comprehensive plan in place is for your peace of mind, knowing your autistic child will receive the best care available for the rest of his or her life.

Special Needs Trusts

Some extremely powerful tools in the autistic family planners toolbox are Special Needs Trusts. There are three different specific trusts available, all being different in their specific programs. This is where the Michigan Law Center is a specialist. You have to pick the right specific type of special needs trusts for your situation and long-term needs. If you do this wrong, it could be a detriment to your plans and expectations. This was our problem with our son Matt. I think everybody that has subscribed for several years to our blog at http://www.autismblog.us is familiar with what went on there little bit anyway. But that’s another story. So what if so similar situation happen to your autistic person or what if there was an inheritance from let’s say grandpa who left all of your children a decent amount of money or let’s say the parents pass away and leave insurance and a house to their kids? So what happens to your child’s Social Security or SSI or food stamps or state subsidy County group home money or anything that would be affected by income including medical? I can tell you that they all want a piece of the pie. If you would plan on leaving your special needs child or autistic child five figures let’s say, they will find out about this and adjust his income up to the point where he or she no longer needs help and take to help away, then send a equal amount of billing for the work they’ve done up to that point to take away the money that he or she would’ve gotten. The thought of that horrified me and if you thought of it very long you would probably be horrified for your child too.

If you are like us and have an autistic child in a situation like this, you would be looking for someone to help. We looked for months, and actually hired several attorneys that quit after they took a good look at this. We decided to hire Michelle Fuller at the Michigan Law Center. The reason is that just about the only thing she does is the special needs trusts. As a matter of fact she was on the political committee that wrote these laws about the three different types of special needs trusts. In Michigan she can work here by herself but she also handles cases in other states. You have to call her to find out how she does this, but it would be worth the effort .

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