Our Projects So Far

The Autism Zone Inc. is still a new project, we are not 100% done with all the paperwork. You have to remember this is a part time thing, because I still have a full time business to run. That is over at www.leakhq.com . We fix leaks in basements, and take care of flooded basements caused by waterproofing and sump pump issues. Broken pipes occasionally give us a lot of work. This year, with all the snow melting all at once as well as that 6 inch rain we had in August 2014, we have been super busy. Not much time for anything else.  Things have  finally slowed down with the business, and we are now starting to do some projects with The Autism Zone.
Our first project was furniture. Autistic kids are rough on furniture. In a group home environment, with no real mom or dad around, things can sometimes get out of hand. We know a larger group home company that was in need of furniture. We went around and got a super deal on some furniture, and Rescued Treasures( a religious group based in Pontiac, Mi) helped us out just for asking. We bought 5 upholstered couches and 6 upholstered chairs that included FREE delivery and no sales tax. A super deal!  We also bought five 27 inch color TV’s for a discount price from the Salvation Army. We delivered them ourselves. Some of these guys use the TV’s for frisbees, so we always need them. This may be an ongoing project.
The next project was an outing at a place called “Sky Zone – Indoor Trampoline Park”. This is a huge building in an industrial park setting. The outing will be at the Shelby Township, MI location at 50810 Sabrina Dr. South of 23 Mile right behind the Taco Bell near Hayes. On  Monday, October 20, from 5pm to 7pm. It was a Special Needs Sensory Friendly Night according to Lance the store manager. Everyone had a great time and there were lots of people there.