I don’t think anyone would deny the fact that autism is growing all around the world. That is not very good news I’m afraid. Statistics show in the early 80s there was a rate of one and several thousand cases, and now it has steadily grown to one in 100 and they are saying that within two or three years that should grow to one in 50. That is a sobering thought to me since my son was born in 1979 with Autism. We have gone through hell trying to keep our son on track and various agencies for the government moving along for his help. This is a very difficult life we lead with autism in the family. Some statistics say that the rate of divorce in autistic families is somewhere around 95%.

I believe that is true although I can’t prove it. One of the problems is autistic families don’t have a lot of time for the usual socializing and fun gathering of friends and families because of the problems associated with autism. We do know however it seems that lately there are a lot more of our friends and family members having autistic children to one end of the spectrum or the other. People with autistic children can have a child with a light case which would be someone that could go to school and just be a little bit behind and get along with everybody in school and at home. Or it could be on the other end of the spectrum where the child is quite angry all the time about everything and ready to pull out all the stops to prove that anger at a moment’s notice.

Our family has tended to be in the second group, the angry Autistic group. However we did managed to stick it out and keep ourselves together as a family but not without some scars. Our son was arrested at one point for something he did that was rather tasteless, but caused no permanent harm. He got put into jail for a month or two. They didn’t know what to do with him at the jail, so they sent him to the state forensic center to have him diagnosed and see what to do with him. The doctors at the forensic center said that he should be sent to his group home. The local political people not knowing what autism was back in 2006, decided to send him to a state mental hospital where he would go to school to try to learn to defend himself in court. Anybody that has a brain and knows a lot about autism would say that’s a stupid idea. But being a politician, they had their way, so they sent him down to the hospital and tried to teach him how to defend himself in court. Their main tool was watching reruns of the TV show Cops. I know for sure that was one of the reasons he got into trouble, because Cops was his favorite show. He decided to reenact the cops TV show at the point when the police showed up for his being stupid.

He’s a big kid my son. He had several felonies for totaling out a police car with his shoes by breaking the glass and denting the fenders etc. Plus his first thing that he got arrested for got escalated because the police decided to have him sign a very severe confession. He is not supposed to sign anything because he has a plenary Guardian, which is me. Of course being autistic he can’t read or write and only has been trained to sign his name, but not really. He was in some pretty deep do do. I had to hire a criminal defense attorney. That did help I have to say, but it was expensive. So meanwhile he spent a total of 1 ½ years locked up and was going nowhere fast. He finished his court study course and was left there in the hospital for no real reason because they determined that he could not pass the course. The worst part is yet to come.

I tried but could not get him out of the hospital, partly due to political things and partly due to the County dragging their feet about putting him back in a group home. So that left him sitting there in limbo. Unfortunately the people that worked at the hospital, not the doctors or the nurses or anybody like that, just the normal every day ex-football player types they had working in there, didn’t like autistic people. As a matter of fact I heard from the local police department that someone that worked over there had taken a previous autistic person and beat him to death and put him in a bathtub full of water trying to make it look like he drowned. Of course the autopsy showed different. But because of the HIPPA laws there was absolutely nothing the police could do because they were not allowed to enter the hospital to ask questions. Also because of the same laws, cameras could not be put in the hallways or anywhere else on the grounds. The people that work there, especially six of them that ended up getting sued took all this privacy stuff as a green light to be judge and jury in order to punish my son the same way they punished that other autistic guy. They used to have one of them stand on my son’s hands on the concrete floor, another one would stand on his feet, another one would go around kicking him in the underarms, the ribs, and the abdomen and the private parts between his legs. I used to tell my son when he would complain about this over the phone to not fight back. I feared they would kill him for sure if he did. I certainly didn’t tell him that though. He used to complain over the phone that they would listen to the phone calls with an ear next to the phone while he was talking, so they could hear what I would say. One of them would follow him around and knuckle him in the eyebrow all the time just as a harassment or bullying thing.

This went on for over a year. At one point he started complaining about his ribs hurting all the time when he would talk to us on the phone. I didn’t quite understand at that point what was going on due to the fact he was afraid to tell me because those guys were listening. If we would go to visit him around the holidays the director would allow us to take him out during the day and finally we decided we better look into this, and took a lot of photographs of his body.  We could see blood running from his abdomen area and his private parts area down under his skin into his feet. There were burn marks on his back and scratches and bruises all over the place. So we decided to take him back and get him to the medical hospital. The people that run the mental hospital refused to help us get him examined. What a big surprise huh? We had a few people on our side, I can’t really say who they were but one night someone dreamed up a little emergency and sent my son off in an ambulance to a nearby town where he was examined. They did send him to another hospital that had a MRI machine and he was thoroughly x-rayed. This showed five broken ribs all in various stages of healing. A doctor did agree that something was going on that was not right.

That’s when I decided to step in and really put on some pressure on at the state level and the county level to get something done. To put my son in a place that was safer within the mental hospital. The director thinking I was crazy put him in a wing that was usually pretty quiet but unfortunately he sent over those same guys that were causing a problem to be Matt’s guardians. Of course that didn’t work because that’s when my son got his teeth knocked out and part of his skull knocked out along with it. Eventually because of all this physical damage, I did threaten the county agencies that were dragging their feet with a lawsuit if they didn’t do something. Of course I threaten the state attorney general with a lawsuit if he didn’t do something too. It took a long time because we had built up a reputation as being very mean people and we did have a little trouble finding somebody that wanted to provide a the group home. In all actuality I don’t like being called mean because that’s not the real me. The staff at the mental hospital all blamed me for getting the mental hospital closed. That was the only way we could get him out of there so let it be. Now it’s closed and nobody else can be hurt or killed.

We did end up suing the state because it was a pretty much an open and shut case due to the x-ray and blood test that we had taken. That was certainly proof positive that all that stuff happened after he got there. They tried to blame all this on the other clients at the hospital but that was stupid because they all liked my son. No, this was all done by the so-called normal people that actually worked for the state of Michigan. The lawsuit ended this summer in August when the state offered us a settlement. I am much older now I have decided to quit fighting so much. So we took the offer.

We are very experienced with autism, and all the problems associated with it. Plus we know a lot more people with the same problem. We try to help them is much as possible if they have time to explain what’s going on, that is. We believe that we could probably help more people or families that have an autistic person in some way with our extreme experience that we have decided to open up a nonprofit corporation. We have done this already. It is called The Autism Zone Inc. and it is registered as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Michigan. We have a checking account. We are ready to take donations. We have a website at http:\\www.theautismzone.com and it is up and running although not completed yet.

So we are looking for donations and we know that the economy is bad. We are certainly willing to do something without cash so what we’ve decided is to do what a lot of other non profits do, is take things of value. We expect we will get some cash but we feel we have to be flexible at this point anyway. I have worked out a deal with a scrap dealer for metals. He will help us if you can donate things like aluminum, copper or brass. If you are around our area, and you have enough scrap metals we can come over and pick it up if you put it in a box or a bag. Or you could take it to his operation in Pontiac on Sheffield Street near the corner of Baldwin and Walton. On our pickups taking steel or iron would be very difficult but the lighter stuff we could handle. If you would like to donate gold and silver that would be great, with or without gem stones. That could be mailed from just about any distance for a small amount. Anyway we are prepared to give you a receipt for the value of your items. We are also going to take donated cars. We have a place where a volunteer says we could store the cars and work on them if we have to, for free. That is a very nice thing this man has let us do.

We have a mailing address on our web site for donations. We are in the Detroit area and cannot travel to places out of town to pick up scrap aluminum, copper and brass. We would go a little ways if there is a large load we do have a trailer and a truck and could probably carry 1½ tons. We will also be able to take payments in cash at Pay Pal through our web site. For this you will get a receipt directly from Pay Pal. We plan to have it hooked up so you could do a subscription type thing. If you are into tithing or gifting or philanthropy this would be a great help to you. My wife and I do that ourselves and I know for a fact that is a great thing to do.

Our whole idea is going to be to help families with autistic people in them. This is going be tough and we are going to need some help. All the other autism non profits that I know, try to raise money to cure autism but unfortunately I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. They will probably find a way to make it stop happening someday but curing the people that already have it would be very impossible I think. So meanwhile I would like to make an effort to save some marriages and help people out as best I can.

Just in case you may think we are exaggerating about all this, check this video out, It is the actual deposition video,  Click here