What Is The Autism Zone?

Hi, this is a new web site called The Autism Zone. The subject matter will be about ways to help people, actually families that have an autistic person. Having an autistic person in a family can be a big deal. Autistic people need a lot of attention in order to make a near-normal life. We have a family with an autistic person who is in his 30s and one of the first people to be diagnosed as being autistic. So with about 30 years under our belt I think we have enough experience so that maybe we can help somebody else.

I love this video. It says a lot. It reminds me of us when we first started out in the 70’s Makes me think of why I started this charity.

The whole idea of this web site and this name The Autism Zone, reflects that idea. Autism seems to run differently in different people. Not all people with autism have the same symptoms exactly. Some autistic people are fairly quiet and just like to hide in a corner and just don’t like to be looked at. At the other end of the spectrum some autistic people like to scream and yell and throw things and be forceful about what they want at the moment. Since we have been in this situation for so long, we have seen a lot of different situations for families.

We have noticed that there seems to be a very high divorce rate for families with autism. We have been told that 98% is the normal chance of a family failing under these conditions.

Most charities try to raise money to send to scientific organizations and clinics to make a dent at curing autism. I’m sorry to say that after 30 years I’ve given up on that idea and that I would rather raise the money to help the people that need to help down in the trenches.

I think the first thing I would like to work on is getting a network of attorneys on standby to answer questions from autistic parents regarding trouble that their kids have gotten into during everyday life. Some people think that an autistic person is retarded. That means that a very low IQ is involved. Well that does not have to be the truth. The truth is that the IQ of an autistic person can run from low to very high. Plus autistic people can see things in a way that so-called normal people cannot see. Autistic people can normally only think about one thing at a time where as so-called normal people can think about several things at one time which is a very limiting and frustrating symptom for autistics  but on the other hand the situation allows an autistic person to see things and focus on them more closely. There are autistic people with PhD’s. This also means that an autistic person can think of some pretty interesting ways to get into trouble.

For the short term we need to build this web page a little better, plus we need all the licenses and various paperwork done and if we are going to take used cars we need some land around here and a building or something to work on that situation. We would even consider doing a re-sale store but that takes money to get started

We have done a small project lately. Actually our first. We do know that Autistic people are hard on their furniture. We found a group home who’s living room couches and chairs were in wrecked condition. Holes through couch cushions and seat-back springs poking through the fabric. We took some of our donated money and rounded up some used furniture. We got them delivered 5 couches and 6 upholstered chairs and one small table. Some was put inside right away and the rest went into the garage for storage. It was a good feeling to do that and was really needed. Thanks to the volunteers who donated.

We have put a Pay Pal donation button on-line for donations. Please go there to make donations so we can keep keep going.   Information? call 1 800 799 3323